Institute of African Studies - Bayreuth

Institut für Afrika-Studien

Universität Bayreuth, Germany

All Africa-related activities at the University of Bayreuth are coordinated by the Institute of African Studies.

Andrea Behrends - AEGIS Plenary Representative

Institute of African Studies, University of Bayreuth
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Research and publications: 

Since its inception in 1990, a central task of the Institute of African Studies is the promotion and coordination of Africa-related research and teaching at the University of Bayreuth and beyond. This is reflected in the large number of interdisciplinary projects, a global research network and in the range of study programmes related to African Studies and the promotion of young scholars, for example at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies BIGSAS. Central to innovative Africa-related research is the Africamultiple Cluster of Excellence, which is a unit of the IAS. It combines collaborative work in and on African Studies with a digitalisation strategy and international cooperation, especially with four African Cluster Centres. With its other unit, the Iwalewahaus, IAS offers a place for the production, presentation and debate of contemporary art. In collaboration with artists, Iwalewahaus connects its work on art collections with original research and teaching.  

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Teaching in African Studies: 

The University of Bayreuth offers interdisciplinary BA and MA programmes in African Studies (Interdisciplinary African Studies; African Verbal and Visual Arts; Études Francophones: Afriques Multiples) as well as subject-related degree programmes that have a strong focus on Africa-related topics (in Politics, History, Geography, Religion, Anthropology, Law etc.)  

The European Interdisciplinary Master in African Studies – EIMAS – offers an opportunity to specialize in interdisciplinary African Studies with a focus on practice-oriented knowledge of Global Africa. The programme includes a mobility scheme which is carried out in cooperation with Université Bordeaux Montaigne in France and Universidade do Porto in Portugal. 

The additional study programme afriZert offers students the opportunity to gain a minimum level of Africa-related knowledge irrespective of their primary study objective. It targets all students enrolled at any Bavarian university. 

Advanced students in the bachelor's and master's degree benefit from our international alumni network and our close cooperation with academic institutions worldwide. 

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Libraries and collections: 

The University Library supports research and teaching through its extensive collection of Africa-related books, magazines, and other media. Reference to Africa is even important for the university's Botanical Garden. Iwalewahaus is another integral part of IAS and the University of Bayreuth dedicated to contemporary artworks of visual and popular art from Africa and the African diaspora. Iwalewahaus collection includes over 12,000 works of art. It is the largest institutional collection of contemporary African art in Europe. Exhibitions, lectures, films, conferences, artist talks, artist residencies and workshops take place on 2,300m², office space as well as exhibition and archive space. 


As part of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies offers a fellowship programme.