Centre for Contemporary African Studies - Naples

Centro Studi sull'Africa Contemporanea (CeSAC)

Università di Napoli L’Orientale, Italy

The Centro Studi sull'Africa Contemporanea carries out research, training and dissemination activities on contemporaneity in Africa in an interdisciplinary perspective that links historical, political, social, cultural, literary and linguistic studies. 

Antonio Pezzano – AEGIS Plenary Representative

Centro Studi sull’Africa Contemporanea (CeSAC)
Palazzo Corigliano
Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore, 12
80134, Napoli



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The University of Naples L’Orientale offers different opportunities for undergraduate and master’s degrees in African studies. In particular, at the Department of Human and Social Sciences: 

Undergraduate Degree Course in Political Science and International Relation (with The International Relations in the Asian-African Context Curriculum)

Master’s Degree Course in  International Relations and Institutions of Asia and Africa

At the Department of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies: 

Undergraduate Degree Course in Oriental and African Languages and Cultures

Master’s Degree Course in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa 

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