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The generation of high-quality African Studies research within Europe, in Africa and globally is evidenced by the ever-growing number of journals and books being published on a vast array of themes and topics. In addition to supporting research and research collaborations that generate countless independent publications outside of AEGIS, AEGIS itself makes specific contributions to publishing in African Studies through several channels, as noted below.

AEGIS members participate in European Libraries in African Studies (ELIAS), a network for African Studies librarians and information professionals. 

A list of prominent African Studies journals can be viewed on this page

The AEGIS-Brill Series

The AEGIS-Brill Series publishes academic work drawn from the lively and expanding global community of scholars with interests in Africa and its diasporas.  All volumes become Open Access after 18 months. The Editorial Board for the Series is made up of one representative from each of the AEGIS Collaborative Research Groups.  The Series considers good manuscript submissions on relevant topics from any scholars.

Approximately every second year, the Series publishes an edited volume related to the theme of AEGIS’s biennial ECAS Conference.

The AEGIS Yearbook

The Africa Yearbook, also published by Brill, provides overviews of the major developments in each sub-Saharan African country per calendar year. Subregional chapters, one contribution on African-European relations and an overview chapter complements the collection. All articles are written by renowned specialists.