European Librarians in African Studies (ELIAS)

The ELIAS network is an informal network for all librarians, archivists, documentalists or other information workers working with materials from and about Africa in institutions (libraries, archives, organisations, NGOs etc.) in Europe.

ELIAS exists to:

  • promote exchange and cooperation amongst its members;
  • promote information and accessibility of African resource materials of any kind;
  • promote exchange and cooperation with those in other countries, particularly in Africa, with similar concerns;
  • provide activities, platforms and tools to achieve its aims and objectives

ELIAS meetings were held in Leiden (2007), Paris (2008), Leipzig (2009), London (2010), Uppsala (2011), Basel (2012), Lisbon (2013), Frankfurt (2014), Paris (2015), Tervuren (2016), Basel (2017), Vienna (2018) and Edinburgh (2019).ELIAS 2020 was a virtual meeting. ELIAS 2022 will be held in Bordeaux, 24 June 2022.

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