AEGIS-Brill Series

The AEGIS-Brill Series publishes academic work drawn from the lively and expanding global community of scholars with interests in Africa and its diasporas, including an edited volume related to the theme of AEGIS’s biennial ECAS Conference. The Series began in 2005 and has published titles ranging from Is Violence Inevitable in Africa? (2005) to The Making of the African Road (2017) and African Futures (2022).

Accessing books in the series

The AEGIS-Brill Series has been publishing since 2005. Books become openly available on this website 18 months after publication, and can be accessed via the links below. More recent publications can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website.

Publishing in the series

The AEGIS-Brill Series provides a platform for books within the humanities and social sciences which bring new approaches or innovative perspectives to research on African contexts. Both single-authored works and edited collections are considered for publication.

If you are interested in submitting a title for publication in the Series, it is advisable to first contact the managing editors to pitch your idea before submitting a manuscript. See contact details for the managing editors below.


Gregor Dobler (ACT, University of Freiburg, Germany)

Manuel João Ramos (ISCTE, University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal)

The full editorial board of the AEGIS-Brill Series consists of representatives from all the AEGIS thematic Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs). Details of the full editorial board can be found on the Brill webpage.



Disability and Aid. An Ethnography of Logics and Practices of Distribution in a Ugandan Refugee Camp - Open Access PDF

Recherches sur la vie intérieure de l’Architecture Africaine de Paix et de Sécurité (APSA)


Paradise Lost, Race and Racism in Post-apartheid South Africa

Oil-Age Africa

African Futures - Open Access PDF


Africa, the Cradle of Human Diversity - Open Access PDF

Researching the Inner Life of the African Peace and Security Architecture Open Access PDF

Destination Africa - Open Access PDF


Modernization Dreams, Lusotropical Promises - Open Access PDF

Afrasian Transformations - Open Access PDF


Mozambique on the Move - Open Access PDF

Spatial Practices. Territory, Border and Infrastructure in Africa - Open Access PDF

Transfers of Belonging. Child Fostering in West Africa in the 20th CenturyOpen Access PDF


The Making of the African Road - Open Access PDF


South Africa after Apartheid: Policies and Challenges of the Democratic Transition - Open Access PDF


Framing African Development: Challenging Concepts - Open Access PDF

Collective Mobilisations in Africa / Mobilisations collectives en Afrique - Open Access PDF


Africa in Scotland, Scotland in Africa - Open Access PDF

Travelling Models in African Conflict Management - Open Access PDF

States at Work - Open Access PDF


African Dynamics in a Multipolar World - Open Access PDF

Corruption as an Empty Signifier - Open Access PDF

Child Fostering in West Africa - Open Access PDF

Long Journeys. African Migrants on the Road - Open Access PDF


African Engagements - Open Access PDF

Researching Violence in Africa - Open Access PDF


Mediations of Violence in Africa - Open Access PDF


Respacing Africa - Open Access PDF

African Cities - Open Access PDF


African Alternatives - Open Access PDF


Is Violence Inevitable in Africa? - Open Access PDF