Africa Yearbook

Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara
Published by Brill - Academic Publishers: Leiden & Boston.

AEGIS supports the publication of the Africa Yearbook, whose editors are affiliated to member centres. This is a new English-language publication, published annually by Brill Academic Publishers as of 2005. The first volume covers the year 2004. It forms a continuation of the German-language ‘Afrika Jahrbuch’ published by the Institut für Afrika-Kunde in Hamburg, which issued its last yearbook in 2004 (on the year 2003).
The English-language Africa Yearbook of Brill, thoroughly internationalized, provides yearly overviews of the major developments in each sub-Saharan African country. All articles are written by renowned specialists on the respective countries, regions and themes. It is made available at an attractive price and the Africa Yearbook promises to get a considerable market share.
- GIGA Institute of African Affairs, Hamburg: Dr. Andreas Mehler, Director (political science, Central Africa).
- NAI, Uppsala: Dr. Henning Melber, Research Director (political science, sociology, former Director of the Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit, Southern Africa).
- ASC, Leiden: Dr. Klaas van Walraven, Senior Researcher (political science, international relations, history, democratisation, West Africa).