Africa Yearbook

Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara

Published by Brill - Academic Publishers: Leiden & Boston.

AEGIS – and in particular its member centers based in Uppsala and Freiburg - support the publication of the Africa Yearbook. This English-language periodical is published annually by Brill Academic Publishers since 2005. It forms a continuation of the German-language ‘Afrika Jahrbuch’ published by the Institut für Afrika-Kunde in Hamburg, which issued its last yearbook in 2004 (on the year 2003). The Africa Yearbook continuously provides overviews of the major developments in each sub-Saharan African country per calendar year. Subregional chapters, one contribution on African-European relations and an overview chapter complements the collection. All articles are written by renowned specialists. 


ABI/ACT, Freiburg: Andreas Mehler, Benedikt Kamski

University of Botswana: David Sebudubudu

University of Ghana: Albert Awedoba