Centre for African Studies – Basel

Zentrum für Afrikastudien

Universität Basel, Switzerland

The Centre for African Studies Basel (ZASB) coordinates teaching and research on Africa at the University of Basel and its partner institutions. 

Prof. Julia Tischler - AEGIS Plenary Representative 

Veit Arlit, PhD - Executive Secretary 

Centre for African Studies
University of Basel
Rheinsprung 21
CH-4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 34 82



Research and publications: 

Basel has become a centre for Africa-related research. This development is rooted in a long research tradition at various institutions in the region and has been fostered by the University of Basel's strong commitment to research on, in, with and for Africa. Our Centre acts as an interface for exchange between disciplines, faculties and institutions outside the University.

Six key areas of activities (KAAs) have been defined on the basis of the competence and fields of research at the University of Basel and its partner institutions. In addition, each affiliated subject area, department and institution has its own research profile.

Research in these six key areas will help to close important gaps in our understanding of the processes of rapid change in Africa, provide opportunities to tackle conceptual and methodological challenges in interdisciplinary and disciplinary research, and contribute to social development on the continent.

Current research

Teaching in African Studies: 

The University of Basel and its Centre for African Studies offer numerous options to focus on Africa during your studies.

Since 2002 the Centre for African Studies Basel has offered an MA in interdisciplinary African Studies. The programme integrates the specific competencies in African Studies at the University of Basel into interdisciplinary training that combines natural and social sciences and humanities.

Africa-related courses are also offered within the framework of other BA and MA study programmes and several subject areas provide the option of choosing Africa as a regional focus.

Master’s program in African Studies and related programs

PhD training (Graduate Network African Studies)

Continuing education

Libraries and collections: 

The Centre for African Studies Basel builds on outstanding archives and collections held in Basel, first and foremost the Basel Mission archives and the Basler Afrika Bibliographien – Namibia Resource Centre and Southern Africa Library. An online portal (Afrika Portal) is being developed and expected to go live in 2023.

Basler Afrika Bibliographien

Research Archives of Basel Mission and Mission 21

Museum der Kulturen Basel

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Afrika-Komitee Basel & Afrika-Bulletin

Network and partners: