Centre for African Studies in Sardinia - Cagliari - Associate Member

Affrica – Centro di Studi Africani in Sardegna (CSAS) 

Sardinia, Italy 

CSAS was founded in 2005 with the main objective of promoting the dissemination of knowledge of African history and culture. 

Isabella Soi – AEGIS Plenary Representative

Via la Vega 7/A
09127 Cagliari



News and events: 
CSAS organises incontri d’Affricaa celebration of African history and culture, including documentary screenings, concerts, readings and a roundtable on specific topics. 


Research and publications: 

The Centre is generally active in research and organising events on African history and culture. It mainly focuses on minorities studies (politics, economics, religion, human rights, media, conflict, sport, languages), and publishes a book series, Nova Collectanea Africana.   


CSAS staff: Annalisa Addis, Francesca Bayre, Bianca Maria Carcangiu, Tiziana Cauli, Marisa Fois, Nicola Melis, Alessandro Pes, Filippo Petrucci, Isabella Soi, Alessio Zuddas. 

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