CRG Violent Conflict themes and sub-themes

Themes and sub-themes of the Collaborative Research Group Violent Conflict are:

Macro level

•    Securitisation, militarisation and geo-political contestation
•    Political mobilisation, radicalisation and violence
•    Regional conflicts
•    Diaspora politics and violence

War and armed conflicts:

•    Historical perspectives on African conflicts
•    Religious movements and networks
•    Conflict resources/resource conflicts
•    Rebel movements, militias and other extralegal groups
•    External actors (private security providers, mercenaries and peacekeepers)
•    Pro-violence business elites
•    Famine/food security
•    Humanitarian assistance
•    Genocide


•    Conflict regulation, peace-building and other post-conflict processes (DDR/SSR, democratic transition etc)
•    Informal actors and post-conflict state building
•    Transitional justice and international criminal tribunals
•    Post-conflict power struggles
•    Corruption and peace-building
•    Health care and psycho-social recovery

Other forms of violence

•    Election violence
•    Urban violence and marginality
•    Violent Uprisings