CRG Violent Conflict

The aim of the CRG Violent Conflict s to create a network of scholars in Europe who focus on African conflicts and their aftermaths, where conflict is organised violence but not necessarily armed warfare. 

About this CRG

The CRG Violent Conflict is a multidisciplinary network with a focus on a wide array of sub topic related to the micro and macro dynamics of violence, conflict and post conflict settings. This network serves to exchange but also to promote conflict studies within the broader field of African studies. 

The CRG Violent Conflict aims to: 

  • Facilitate the exchange of information on scholarly debates on violent conflict in Africa (projects, events, venues) within Europe
  • Enhance the visibility of this topical cluster within the European African Studies landscape and beyond, and thereby to deepen AEGIS as a network
  • Promote collaboration between relevant researchers within Europe and Africa

CRG Violent Conflict engages in the following activities:

  • Support or facilitate the organisation of thematic conferences, conference panels or workshops (including AEGIS thematic conferences) by its participants/members
  • Support development of joint publication
  • Sharing teaching experiences and agendas
  • Support or facilitate members'/ participants' joint application for research funding on a European or Global level
  • Support or facilitate the organisation of summer schools or doctoral school programmes for Ph.D., M. Phil. or M.A. students



CRG Coordinators: 

Karen Büscher
Ghent University, Belgium

Koen Vlassenroot
Ghent University, Belgium

Mats Utas
Uppsala University, Sweden


How to join 

To join CRG Violent Conflict, please send an e-mail to stating your name, institutional affiliation, main regions/countries of research, and main topics of research.