Past ECAS Conferences

Every second year since 2005 (bar the Covid-19 years), AEGIS has hosted the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS), always in a different European city, convened by one or several AEGIS members. Links to most previous ECAS Conference websites can be found below. 

ECAS archives 

ECAS 2023 (Cologne)
ECAS 2021 - No ECAS (Covid)
ECAS 2019 (Edinburgh)
ECAS 2017 (Basel)
ECAS 2015 (Paris)
ECAS 2013 (Lisbon) (ECAS Conference Proceedings)
ECAS 2011 (Uppsala)
ECAS 2009 (Leipzig)
ECAS 2007 (Leiden)
ECAS 2005 (London)