Image: Mural in Dakar, Jesper Bjarnesen 2005

AEGIS is registered as a Foundation in the Netherlands. Guided by the Internal Regulations and its evolving vision and aims, it is governed by a five-member Board, although expanding the size in the near future is under consideration, especially in the interests of diversity. In addition, ad hoc members can be co-opted onto the Board for agreed-upon periods for specified purposes. The Board, which meets twice a year, implements the policies of the association as set forth in AEGIS Plenary Meetings, now also held twice-yearly.

AEGIS operates along a cost-effective principle. Its modest financial requirements are supported by regular annual contributions from its members and from ad hoc project/conference funding.

Current AEGIS Board Members

  • Prof. Amanda Hammar (Copenhagen), President (
  • Dr. David Ambrosetti (Bordeaux)
  • Prof. Michael Bollig (Cologne)
  • Prof. Marleen Dekker (Leiden)
  • Dr. Tom Molony (Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Isabella Soi (Cagliari)

The Board is assisted by an advisory council and a number of specific ad hoc Working Groups.

The Scientific Advisory Council, consisting mostly of experienced former Board members for given periods, acts as an academic and strategic reference group for a range of AEGIS visions, projects, and activities, while also preserving institutional memory.

Current Advisory Council Members:

  • Prof. Clara Carvalho (Lisbon)
  • Prof. Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden)
  • Prof. Till Förster (Basel)
  • Prof. Paul Nugent (Edinburgh)

The Visibility Working Group (VWG) is responsible for advising the Board on, and implementing, strategic visibility and communications matters, including updating and sustaining the AEGIS website among other internal and external communications tools. The VWG is assisted by a part-time Website and Communications Coordinator (WCC).

Current Visibility Working Group Members:

  • Amanda Hammar (Copenhagen) – Chairperson
  • Ana Luciá Sá (Lisbon)
  • Andrea Behrends (Bayreuth)
  • Annelies Verdoolaege (Gent)
  • Harro Westra (Leiden)
  • Isabella Soi (Cagliari)
  • Jesper Bjarnesen (Uppsala)
  • Jos Damen (Leiden)

The Diversity Working Group is an important new AEGIS initiative, currently under formation. It aims to explore – and strategically advise the Board and Plenary – on crucial dimensions of diversity and inclusivity across AEGIS.

Current Diversity Working Group Members:

  • Michael Bollig (Cologne – Chairperson) 
  • Andrea Behrends (Bayreuth)
  • Brendon Nicholls (Leeds)
  • Ida Hadjivayanis (London-SOAS)