Collaborative Research Group African Urban Dynamics

The rapid pace of urbanization across the African continent places Africa at the center of global urban development in the coming decades. African cities now garner increased attention from scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. The enhanced focus on urban Africa – as place(s), practice(s), and concept(s) – encompasses a range of (inter)disciplinary themes no longer constrained to specific geographic boundaries. The study of African cities, and urban processes more broadly, is now not only put in comparative conversation with other locales around the world, but has a growing role in driving debates, old and new, across scholarly, policy, and practitioner fields.

Established in 2020, the African Urban Dynamics CRG thus arrives at an exciting moment in urban scholarship, as Africanist scholars play a leading role in the study of cities. The CRG seeks to coalesce researchers working on African cities under a unified thematic umbrella in order to put scholars embedded in divergent fields in dialogue with one another, as a means to innovate new projects across disciplines and to function as a network that will guide scholarship on urban Africa for years to come. We further seek to highlight the ways that innovative research can inform dynamic new rethinking of teaching practice, embedding cutting-edge research in the classroom in support of creative pedagogies, and expanding opportunities for students at all levels at institutions within and outside of the AEGIS network.



Jennifer Hart, Associate Professor, Department of History, Wayne State University,

Stephen Marr, Senior Lecturer, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University,

Patience Mususa, Senior Researcher, Nordic Africa Institute,

Kenny Cupers, Professor, Department of Urban Studies, University of Basel,

How to Join

We are open to all researchers working on urban issues in Africa. Please send an inquiry to:  

Please include your name, position, institutional affiliation, and 5-7 keywords identifying main areas of research.