Collaborative Research Group African Politics and International Relations

The CRG African Politics and International Relations provides a network for Europe-based researchers working on politics in Africa.  Members have a political science background or work in sociology, anthropology, political geography or other disciplines. In the general spirit of AEGIS, the thematic group represents and promotes interdisciplinary research.

The group fulfils the important task of bringing together those interested in African politics and IR and supporting networking across Europe and Africa, especially through promoting presenting Africa-related research at conferences dealing with politics and IR broadly understood. These include African Studies, Political Science and International Studies conferences in Europe such as ECAS, ECPR and EISA where it seeks to sponsor and support panels. At international conferences such as IPSA and ISA, and with regard to North American conferences, the CRG has established close cooperation with the African Politics Conference Group (APCG) in the United States. It also aims to enhance contact with African research associations. The CRG also serves as platform for sharing information on events, research activities and publications.

In addition, the CRG aims at organizing further thematic conferences on political issues affecting Africa. Indeed, the group was initiated in 2013 through a thematic conference which took place at Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany) which was co-hosted by AEGIS centres in Bordeaux, Hamburg and Oxford. The group was formally approved by the AEGIS board in 2014. Business meetings where held at ECAS 2015 in Paris and ECAS 2017 in Basel.

Members of this CRG are interested in a variety of research domains related to the African continent, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • democratization and democratic institutions
  • nationalism, nation and state-building
  • parties, elections, and political competition
  • Africa in global politics, global politics in Africa
  • security and development interventions
  • governance by state and non-state actors
  • regional integration

Please consult the members list on these pages (under construction) to find more detailed information on people and topics that you can use to establish contact. 

CRG Coordinators

Jana Hönke
Associate Professor and Rosalind-Franklin Fellow

Dep. of International Relations and International Organizations, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Alexander Stroh
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Institute of African Studies, University of Bayreuth (Germany)

Giulia Piccolino
Lecturer in Politics and IR

Department of Politics, History & International Relations, Loughborough University (UK)

E-mail contact for all coordinators: crgafricapoliticsir [at] gmail [dot] com 

Join the CRG

The CRG is open to researchers interested in African politics and international relations. Membership is free. There is no requirement for members to be affiliated to an AEGIS centre.

If you would like to join the CRG, please send your name, position, institutional affiliation and three to five keywords about your research domains to: crgafricapoliticsir [at] gmail [dot] com

You will be added to the online members list and to the mailing list.

Up-to-date Information


  • The coordination team has established social media platforms for an up-to-date information exchange for CRG members. Please follow CRGAfricaPoliticsIR via @CRG_PoliticsIR or join AEGIS CRG Politics_IR on facebook.
  • Most important news and calls will also be send via the CRG’s mailing list.

Basel news:

  • Giulia Piccolino has joined the team of coordinators whilst Sara Dorman has stepped down from this role.
  • Julia Gallagher has agreed to represent the CRG on the newly-formed advisory board of the AEGIS BRILL book series.

Past CRG Events

ECAS 2017 - CRG meeting

ECAS 2017 - Panels

The ECAS 2017 organizers have launched the call for panels already. Submissions will be accepted until 28 February 2016.

Are you planning to submit or have you already submitted a panel proposal related to political research or international relations? We invite all who answer “yes” to tell the CRG coordinators about it. We will be in touch with the conference organizers (a) to maximize the number of panels related to politics and IR, (b) to minimize time overlaps of panels that may be of common interest to the CRG members, and (c) to discuss how a CRG sponsorship of panels could look like and how we might be able to deal with excellent paper proposals that did not make it into the specific panel they applied for.

ECAS 2015 Panels and CRG meeting7-8 November 2013

AEGIS thematic conference “Electoral Authoritarianism and Democratization in Africa,” sponsored by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Matthijs Bogaards and Sebastian Elischer organized the conference. AEGIS centres in Bordeaux, Oxford and Hamburg were involved.

Publication: Special Issue in ‘Comparative Governance and Politics’ (forthcoming)