Organisation and Board

AEGIS is registered as a Foundation in the Netherlands and is governed by a five-member Board. The Board implements the policies of the network as set forth in the AEGIS Annual Plenary Meeting. The Board is assisted by a series of specific Working Groups or Task Forces:

  • The Scientific Advisory Committee acts as an academic reference group for projects and other scholarly activities of particular relevance.
  • The Working Group on New Technologies is responsible for the AEGIS website and the use of electronic media.

The AEGIS network operates along a cost-effective principle. Its modest financial requirements are supported by regular annual contributions from its members and from ad hoc project/conference funding.

The AEGIS Board

  • Prof. Amanda Hammar (CAS Copenhagen), President (aha [at]

  • Dr. David Ambrosetti (LAM Bordeaux)

  • Prof. Michael Bollig (Cologne)

  • Prof. Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden)

  • Dr. Tom Molony (Edinburgh)

  • Dr. Isabella Soi (Cagliari)


The AEGIS Advisory Council

  • Prof. Clara Carvalho

  • Prof. Ton Dietz (Leiden)

  • Prof. Till Förster (Basel)

  • Prof. Paul Nugent (Edinburgh)