CRG Annual Grant Competition

Each year the AEGIS Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs) are invited to apply to the CRG Annual Grant Competition for funding to support their work. 

The overall grant funding available through the Competition is €4,000. The AEGIS Board generally awards two CRGs each year with a grant of €2,000. 

Who can apply 

Grant funding is for a relevant activity organised by an existing AEGIS CRG. Preferably, either a CRG Coordinator or AEGIS member organisation should be part of the organising group. Each CRG is entitled to submit one application per grant cycle. However, a CRG that has been awarded a grant must wait for two years before applying again. (In other words, if awarded a grant in late 2022 for activities in 2023, one can only apply for a new grant in late 2024 for activities in 2025.) 

Application process 

An email inviting applications is sent once a year in October by the AEGIS CRG Coordinator. Applications should be submitted before mid-November, in time to be assessed at the half-yearly AEGS Board meeting in December. 

The current AEGIS CRG Coordinator is David Ambrosetti (LAM, Science Po Bordeaux):

Applications should be submitted by the individual CRG Coordinator(s). 

A decision regarding allocation of the grants is made and announced within two weeks following the December AEGIS Board meeting.

The applications should be no more than two pages and must include the following:

  • Name of the CRG 
  • Names and institutional affiliations of the organisers 
  • A brief substantive justification for the activity, indicating its aims and value: for example, either conceptually and/or in terms of building up knowledge networks related to the core themes of the CRG, and/or as preparation for developing a larger project, and so on 
  • An indication of the organisational arrangements, such as proposed timing and location for the activity, and what proportion of the estimated overall budget the grant constitutes 
  • We encourage applicants to consider including within the proposed event at least one online-accessible activity to facilitate wider participation – this might be a webinar or online lecture, or possibly a PhD training session 

For successful grant recipients, a report on the funded activity should be submitted to the AEGIS CRG Coordinator within six months of being completed.