CRG Resource Extraction in Africa

For researchers working on resource extraction in Africa, a major challenge concerns the need to collaborate across disciplines and fields of expertise: the world of resource extraction can best be understood if knowledge can be combined and the study of past and present extractive practices thus requires a bundling of expertise. This CRG serves to facilitate this.



CRG Coordinators:

Sabine Luning
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Robert Pijpers
University of Hamburg, Germany

How to join

Contact (one of) the coordinators to express your interest and state your name, title, institutional affiliation, and domains of expertise.

The CRG is aimed at scholars based in Europe and Africa working on issues related to resource extraction. These are also the eligibility criteria for becoming a CRG member.

Membership of this CRG has no formal obligations. We encourage members to participate in events and the biennial AEGIS Conference (ECAS). As CRG member you will become integrated in an interdisciplinary network of scholars and receive news from group members.


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