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AEGIS European Conference on African Studies

11 - 14 July 2007
African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

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Panel 1: View abstracts - Dr. Walter van Beek ; Annette Schmidt
Tourism in Africa
Panel 2: View abstracts - Prof. Yaw Oheneba-Sakyi
Representation of the African Family of the 21st Century
Panel 3: View abstracts - Prof. Gerald West ; Dr. Beverley Haddad
CANCELLED: The role of religious resources in African development praxis
Panel 4: View abstracts - Dr. Íde Corley
"African Oedipus"
Panel 5: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Fredrik Soderbaum ; Senior Research Fellow Ian Taylor
Afro-regions: The Dynamics of Cross-Border Regionalism in Africa
Panel 6: View abstracts - Dr. Beacon Mbiba
Zimbabwe: Callenges and Opportunities
Panel 7: View abstracts - PhD Lyubov Ivanova ; PG Aliou Tounkara
Africans In Russia
Panel 8: View abstracts - Dr. John Campbell
Refugees and the Law in Europe
Panel 9: View abstracts - Dr. Muyiwa Falaiye
Setting a New Agenda for African Studies
Panel 10: View abstracts - Dr. Sara Dorman
Theorizing African State Trajectories
Panel 11: View abstracts - Dr. Bruce Baker ; Dr. Andreas Mehler
Alternative policing - new initiatives or established patterns of self-help?
Panel 12: View abstracts - Dr. Joost Beuving ; Dr. Jens Andersson
African entrepreneurs and/in emerging markets: towards a situational understanding of entrepreneurial behaviour?
Panel 13: View abstracts - Dr. Ferdinand de Jong ; Prof. Michael Rowlands
Memory and Heritage in Post-conflict Societies
Panel 14: View abstracts - Dr. Benjamin Soares ; Roman Loimeier
New Modes of Sociality in Muslim Africa
Panel 15: View abstracts - Doctoral research fellow Catrine Christiansen ; Dr. Rijk van Dijk
Reconfiguring the Religion-HIV/AIDS connection: challenges and opportunities
Panel 16: View abstracts - Prof. Dominique Darbon
New ways of managing public administrations in Africa ?
Panel 17: View abstracts - Prof. Thomas Bierschenk
States at work: African public services in comparative perspective
Panel 18: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Tekeste Negash
Education and Social change in Eastern and Southern Africa
Panel 19: View abstracts - Prof. Chris Saunders
New Perspectives on Liberation in Southern Africa
Panel 20: View abstracts - Dr. Englert Birgit ; lic. phil. I Daniela Waldburger
Popular culture and politics - alternative channels of expression
Panel 21: View abstracts - Dr. Ulf Vierke ; Juniorprofessor Matthias Krings ; Dr. Markus Verne
Visions and Voices from East Africa - Initiatives of cultural production in Past and Present
Panel 22: View abstracts - Lecturer Henri Médard
Retour sur les monarchies sacrées en Afrique
Panel 23: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Eva Evers Rosander ; Associate Prof. Gunilla Bjeren
Family Dynamics an Migration: Tensions in Gender and Generation Relations
Panel 24: View abstracts - Prof. Till Förster ; Dr. Kerstin Bauer
Trust and the Reconstruction of Society
Panel 25: View abstracts - PhD. Marie Gibert ; PhD Sabine Hoehn
Regionalisation in Africa: Old Gamble or New Reality?
Panel 26: View abstracts - Lecturer Mario Zamponi
Decentralising power and natural resource control: responses and perspectives
Panel 27: View abstracts - Drs. Gerard de Groot
CANCELLED: Reconstruction policies in post-conflict situations
Panel 28: View abstracts - Dr. Dorte Thorsen ; Prof. Ann Whitehead
Generations of Migrants in West Africa
Panel 29: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Alice Bellagamba ; Juniorprofessorin Erdmute Alber ; Prof. Pierluigi Valsecchi
Extended families in time. Creating alliances and power networks in Western Africa societies and history
Panel 30: View abstracts - PhD Sören Gilsaa ; PhD Annette H. Ihle
Islamic education and activism in sub-Saharan Africa
Panel 31: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Signe Arnfred
Sexuality and Politics in Africa
Panel 32: View abstracts - Dr. David Blanchon ; Dr. Olivier Graefe
Water in Africa: policies, politics and practices. National and local appropriation of global management models and paradigms
Panel 33: View abstracts - Dr. Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi
Visualizing Africa, from there to here, between now and then.
Panel 34: View abstracts - Dr. Deborah James ; Dr. Isak Niehaus
Post-apartheid: ethnographies of the South African transition
Panel 35: View abstracts - Dr. Rachel Hayman ; Dr. Jude Murison
Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Development in the African Great Lakes Region
Panel 36: View abstracts - Prof.dr. Gerti Hesseling
Between customs and state law: The dynamics of local law in sub-Saharan Africa
Panel 37: View abstracts - Amanda Hammar ; Dr. Graeme Rodgers
Political Economies of Displacement in Southern Africa
Panel 38: View abstracts - apl. Prof. Eckhard Breitinger
African Migrations and Exiles in Germany - Representations and Creative Responses in Literature and Media
Panel 39: View abstracts - PD Dr. Brigit Obrist ; Dr. Flora Kessy
Livelihood, Vulnerability and Health. Moving beyond existing frameworks
Panel 40: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Amy Kirschke
Contemporary African Art: A Rhetoric of Change
Panel 41: View abstracts - Dr. Susan Arndt ; Dr. Daniela Merolla
The Art of Wor(l)d Markets: Development, Diaspora, and Narratives of Africa in Europe
Panel 42: View abstracts - Dr. Claire Mercer ; Dr. Ben Page
Transnational spaces/cosmopolitan times: African associations in Europe
Panel 43: View abstracts - Dr. Kerstin Pinther ; MA Poll Swenja
Making the African Suburbia
Panel 44: View abstracts - Dr. Didier Péclard ; Dr. Tobias Hagmann
Negotiating statehood in Africa
Panel 45: View abstracts - Carlos Lopes ; PhD Marzia Grassi
Moving Angola
Panel 46: View abstracts - Dr. Dag Henrichsen ; Dr. Marion Wallace
Shaping collections, producing alternative histories: The example of Namibia as a contested research entity
Panel 47: View abstracts - ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellow Daniel Conway
Reassessing the South African Liberation Movement
Panel 48: View abstracts - MA Amber Gemmeke ; MA Victor Igreja
Women, Men, and Faith: Reconfigurations of Authority
Panel 49: View abstracts - MA Victor Igreja ; Prof. Annemiek Richters
The politics of healing and justice in post-conflict societies: Global discourses and local realities
Panel 50: View abstracts - Dr. Henning Melber
The new scramble for Africa
Panel 51: View abstracts - PhD Wendy Willems
Agency and the constitution of publics in Southern Africa
Panel 52: View abstracts - Dr. Joseph Agbakoba
Alternative Approaches to Improving Institutional Self-correction mechanisms in the Public Sector of African States
Panel 53: View abstracts - Dr. Stefano Bellucci
Les effets socio-économiques de la « deuxième décolonisation africaine » au nom du marché libre et global
Panel 54: View abstracts - Associate Prof. Jónína Einarsdóttir ; PhD Henrik Overballe
Guinea-Bissau: there must be a solution - djitu ten ke ten
Panel 55: View abstracts - Dr. Thera Rasing ; Dr. José van Santen
Gender and death in Africa
Panel 56: View abstracts - Dr. Shamil Jeppie ; Dr. Karin Willemse ; Dr. José van Santen ; Dr. Cheikh Gueye
Moving Frontiers: contestations in Muslim communities in Africa
Panel 57: View abstracts - Prof. Deborah Posel
Post-apartheid's social imaginaries
Panel 58: View abstracts - Dr. Manfred von Roncador ; MA Clarissa Vierke
Language in African cities
Panel 59: View abstracts - Prof. Peter Alexander
Class in contemporary Africa
Panel 60: View abstracts - Prof. Dieter Neubert ; Dr. Elísio Macamo
The challenge of uncertainty and order in African polities
Panel 61: View abstracts - Prof. Peter Geschiere
Autochtony, citizenship and exclusion - struggles over resources and belonging
Panel 62: View abstracts - Dr. Jan-Bart Gewald ; Dr. Giacomo Macola
Copper and Migrants: Towards a social history of industrialisation and social change in central Africa 1890-1990
Panel 63: View abstracts - Dr. Laurent Fourchard ; Dr. Benjamin Soares
Nigeria under Obasanjo
Panel 64: View abstracts - Dr. Rachel Spronk ; Anouka van Eerdewijk
Sexualities in Africa
Panel 65: View abstracts - Dr. Michael Pesek ; MA Susann Baller
The politics of travelling in Africa - Translocal perspectives in African history
Panel 66: View abstracts - PhD Nomfundo Mlisa ; Prof.dr. Wim van Binsbergen
Traditional religion and healing in Africa and the role of the inner senses
Panel 67: View abstracts - Prof. Daniel Bach ; Dr. Ian Taylor
New players, old tricks?: Africa in the 21st century
Panel 68: View abstracts - Dr. Rijk van Dijk ; Dr. Marja Spierenburg ; Dr. Harry Wels
Exploring new dimensions of religion and entrepreneurship
Panel 69: View abstracts - Lecturer Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle ; Prof. Johanna Siméant
The World Social Forum in Nairobi : exploring the making of African causes.
Panel 70: View abstracts - Dr. Guy Thomas ; Prof. Patrick Harries
Trading Places: Knowledge Production and Transfer between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa - the Missionary Context
Panel 71: View abstracts - Prof. Peter Skalník
African political leadership: any alternatives?
Panel 72: View abstracts - Prof. Philippe Denis
Enhancing resilience in orphans and vulnerable children
Panel 73: View abstracts - Dr. Mirjam de Bruijn ; Dr. Francis Nyamnjoh ; Dr. Inge Brinkman
New Social Spaces. Mobility and technology in Africa
Panel 74: View abstracts - Sef Slootweg ; Paul van Hoof
The Creativity of Practitioners for Development
Panel 75: View abstracts - Dr. Hein de Haas ; Dr. Oliver Bakewell ; Dr. Ton van Naerssen ; Prof. dr. Annelies Zoomers
Migration reshaping the landscape of African development: bridging theory-practice and sending-receiving gaps
Panel 76: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Meine Pieter van Dijk
Invited AEGIS panel: The role of China and India in Africa
Panel 77: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Detlef Müller-Mahn ; Prof.dr. Bernard Calas
Conceptualizing natural hazards, risks and resilience in Africa
Panel 78: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Uoldelul Chelati Dirar
CANCELLED: Trespassing Colonial Boundaries: Individual Mobility between Protest and Social Enhancement in Colonial Eritrea
Panel 79: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Dorothea Hilhorst
African Humanitarianism
Panel 80: View abstracts - Dr. Francesca Declich ; Dr. Ada Ingrid Engebrigtsen ; Dr. Marja Tiilikainen
Memories of own country: maintaining social networks across boundaries
Panel 81: View abstracts - Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues ; Ana Bénard da Costa
Contradictions along the path to development: International co-operation, elites and entrepreneurs
Panel 82: View abstracts - Dr. Dirk Kohnert ; Dr. Henning Melber
AEGIS related journals panel: Africa's contested memories
Panel 83: View abstracts - Dr. Gero Erdmann
Political Parties in Africa
Panel 84: View abstracts - Philip J. Havik
Rethinking Colonial Governance in sub-Saharan Africa: comparative perspectives on local actors, policies and practices (1915-1965)
Panel 85: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Eloi Ficquet ; Prof. Manuel João Ramos ; Prof. Alessandro Triulzi
Invited AEGIS roundtable: Ethiopian Studies, the Horn and African Studies: Trends and Prospects
Panel 86: View abstracts - Prof. dr. Paul Nugent
Invited AEGIS panel: Borderlands Identities and Bureaucratic Practices: Emerging Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
Panel 87: View abstracts - Prof.dr. Phil Burnham
CANCELLED: Anthropology and the Changing Vision of Africa: Perspectives from the International African Institute
Panel 88: View abstracts - Mai Palmberg
Cultural construction of the nation: which way Africa?
Panel 89: View abstracts - Aregawi Berhe
Makers of the Ethiopian Political Crisis
Panel 90: View abstracts - Prof.dr. René Otayek ; Prof.dr. Pierre Boilley ; Prof.dr. Odile Goerg
Atelier sur les recherches africaines en France