Collaborative Research Group Resource Extraction in Africa

The prominence of resource extraction (minerals, oil and gas, i.e. non-renewables) in Africa is enormous, both historically and in the present. Scholars working in different disciplines are engaging in fascinating research on aspects of artisanal as well as industrial forms of resource extraction in Africa. Extractive practices are an entry point to relevant debates on, for example, (re) writing African political and economic histories, geopolitical processes, on governance and sovereignty, neoliberalisation of development policies, livelihood strategies, identity politics in relation to land claims, gender issues, resource politics more broadly and environmental issues. This CRG brings together African studies scholars working on all issues related to resource extraction.


Sabine Luning (PhD), Leiden University, The Netherlands
Robert Pijpers, (PhD) University of Hamburg, Germany

About this CRG

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How to join us

Contact Sabine Luning and/or Robert Pijpers and state your name, title, institutional affiliation, and domains of expertise.

Upcoming Events

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Past events

11-12 October, leiden, The Netherlands

Laboured Landscapes - Legacies and Futures of Extraction in Africa, a workshop of the AEGIS ´Resource Extraction in Africa´ CRG held at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology, Leiden University, The Netherlands. Please find the Programme here



9-12 July 2018, Marseille, France

´Imaginaires et désenchantements du développement par l'extraction minière en Afrique´. This panel is organised as part of the firth ´Rencontres des Études Africaines en France´. Please find more information here