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Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa

KU Leuven, Belgium
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Research, publications, staff

The IARA is committed to long-term field research on past and contemporary issues in Africa. On our research pages you find our mission statement, info on research projects, seminars, and so on.

Iara Staff and students carry out research in RDCongo, Ghana, Namibia, Burkina Fasso, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa. Here you find more on our completed and running projects, doctoral seminars, etc.

Apart from publications, Iara also presents its work in different formats like exhibitions, documentaries, or short films. Click here for an overview of the different projects.

These pages contain an overview of selected publications. For the most recent publications, click on the Lirias link at the bottom of the page.

Click here to see a full list of our staff.

Conferences and seminars

Listed here are the conferences Iara organised and/or the panels in which members of Iara participate.

For more information on our doctoral seminars, our research seminars or guest lectures, please click here.


Members of the IARA are involved in the master programs of Social and Cultural anthropology, and of Cultures and development Studies (CADES).

Grants and awards

Grants and Awards
Read more on the achievements by our staff.